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TET - Trans Euro Trail

Ever wanted to take a road trip and cross a continent by motorcycle, it takes an adventurous mind, meticulous planning, a certain amount of knowledge, and hours of mapwork. Now consider plotting a route across a continent off road by motorcycle!! Hours of work turn into years of work, so we had never imagined such a route could possibly exist in Europe. With its diverse nations with their own rights of access and laws, the task seems insurmountable. Well remarkably it does exist in the form of the Trans Euro Trail or TET for short!!!

We sincerely salute the guys who created and are running the Trans Euro Trail. They have created a free access 34,000km trail designed for travel light adventure motorcyclists, that winds its way through Europe’s most beautiful scenery, in at times, remote and challenging terrain.

The remarkable ambition of this project is the creation of a network of ‘linesmen’, who with local knowledge and rider feedback, keep the routes usable and up to date. We urge you to get involved as this is a unique project, selflessly made available to anyone willing to download the route from the website. Get involved at. 

Remarkably, this route is free to download, and don’t regard this as just a route, it is a fast growing community too, check out facebook to see the daily activity of riders out there living it!


There must be costs of personal time, research and admin, so if you feel like we do, and want to help keep this project alive, please join in, ride the routes, even if it is in small parts, and enjoy the thrill of Adventure Motorcycling. Finally, if like us you appreciate the effort made by the TET team, who are in no way connected to this website, then please support them with a T shirt or Sticker purchase, this is a very fair way of showing appreciation and helping cover the inevitable costs of a project of this scale.

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