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Dragon Rally Wales

Established in 1960 by the Conwy & District Motorcycle Club, ( ) the Dragon Rally has become a rite of passage for any British bike enthusiast. Set in the Mountainous region of Snowdonia in the North of Wales, the Rally is ideally situated for great ride outs and challenging weather. This is a motorcycle only rally, with a good mix of Solo and sidecar attendees on every imaginable type of machine. Most people camp, although some do stay locally and visit for the day.

The location of the Rally changes each year and is a closely guarded secret, and not disclosed until you arrive at a predetermined checkpoint, although regulars may have a fair guess as venues are re-used periodically. The procedure to enter is, to

  • Wait for tickets to go on sale 1st October (see website). The tickets can sell out within 4 weeks as the attendance is limited (1400 in 2016).
  • Post a stamped addressed envelope, with a cheque.
  • The ticket will arrive with details of the checkpoint.
  • Collect your ticket and directions from the checkpoint.
  • On arrival at the venue you can locate the staff giving out badges and complimentary soup.



The weather plays a big part in the discussions leading up to the event, some years there is snow, however persistent rain more regularly makes an appearance. Either way temperatures can get well into the minuses so any one applying needs to be prepared for extremes of weather. This is easier said than done, as real cold weather rally’s like those held in the Alps or Scandinavia, typically are held with sub zero temperatures, so equipment must only withstand snow and low temperatures. For this rally the above may be true, however rain is very likely, so equipment needs careful selection, and great care taken not to get otherwise warm clothing/sleeping bags wet and therefore rendering then useless.  


There are plenty of camp fires around in the evening, (venue permitting), however the main focus for most is the bar, and live music. If drinking and loud music are not your thing, it is a good place to meet people and get a quick warm up.


There are not usually any organised ride out’s. However, the mountains of North Wales have a lot to offer every taste, with remote mountain roads, green lanes or faster twisty tarmac to keep all of the motorcycling community entertained.


This rally is very well organised by experienced people, and being one night is a great event to take part in without the need to take time of work. The event should not be underestimated, as the combination of cold and wet, can be a real challenge, and if it does snow chaos on the roads is to be expected. All types go, so there is a good chance of meeting people with a similar interest. So recommended for anyone who is in the UK, if in Europe, it’s a long way to come for 1 night, so the Bruce Pollard Memorial Rally (search for this on facebook) is held on the proceeding Friday night at the Y Giler Arms and should be considered to make the ride over worthwhile. 


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