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VisionX 5inch Xmitter LED Spotlight Narrow Beam


Product – VisionX 5 inch Xmitter Low Profile Prime LED (Narrow Beam)

Approximate Price - £155.00 (varies Country)

Bike – BMW R100GS


Website -

Recommended supplier -


Performance                     *****

Value for Money              *****

Ease of Installation          ****


Generally speaking bikes of the era of the R100GS and before had shocking headlights. In more recent years it has no longer been necessary to put full on Halogen spotlights on a motorcycle, these are bulky, and draw a lot of power, which is in short supply from aged alternators, particularly if like me you run heated clothing in the winter. A more recent update has been to fit Xenon units, although the light emitted is excellent, you will need to find space somewhere for a bulky ballast unit. The LED option draws less power and the modern systems give impressive light outputs for relatively low current, the 5inch Xmitter gives out 2052 lumens for only 2.25 amps. With Halogen, a 55W bulb giving out 800 lumens will draw around 4.58 amps, so LED was definitely the way to go for me.



My R100GS is equipped with an RD350LC headlight, I did this for cosmetic reasons, as the stock lamp never looked right, and always looked undersize. The beam pattern on this is not perfect by design, and despite fitting Osram night racer bulbs, there wasn’t sufficient long/mid-range light on high beam. So, a 10° narrow beam LED has proven to be a good choice to supplement this. However mounting and price were considerations, VisionX make the small single diode Solstice and Optimus. To equip these will cost a little more, however as I have a 43litre Acerbis tank equipped, I was concerned about contact with the tank when on full steering lock, avoidable, but may have been a pain to get right. So I opted for the 3 diode 5inch Xmitter mounted on top of the mudguard. Having a brace here to mount to, gives a very stable beam where I need it.


I used the 5inch Xmitter linked into high beam via the relay supplied in the kit. Installation was easy, well described in the manual, with the hardest job being finding a trigger wire from my loom. However this really wasn’t a major issue. On activating the high beam the light is instant, and intense, I have this set a little lower than is good for faster roads, as most of the time I really need this type of light is on minor roads, however feel confident I could easily tilt it up a degree or 2 by the 2 allen bolts on the mount and make the most of the narrow beam range.


I am impressed with the quality, compact size and most of all the transformation of night riding this product has given me so highly recommend.  

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