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Pivot Pegz Motorcycle Footpeg Review


Product – PivotPegz

Approximate Price - £160.00 (varies by bike and Country)

Bike – BMW R100GS


Website -


Performance                     *****

Value for Money              ****

Ease of Installation          ****


Previously equipped to the GS were, firstly standard pegs, then Touratech lowered pegs. However with restricted foot wiggle space on an R100GS due to the low slung carbs and offset cylinders, large toe-capped boots often felt restrictive. So with this in mind and occasional off road jaunts expected

I selected Pivotpegz over a rigid wide platform foot peg. 


Installation was relatively easy, however I needed to fiddle a little to get the spring set correctly. But these can easily be home fitted by anyone who can wield a spanner.



PivotPegz not only give a stable platform for any off road riding, they also give a little movement at the ankle due to the ingenious pivot and spring mechanism allowing the platform to rotate clockwise and anticlockwise by a moderate amount. I was concerned this might feel weird and unnerving, but I have to say it is almost unnoticeable, which means to me they are comfortable and do their job well, whereas before I was most likely lifting my boot sole from the front or rear of the peg, now it is in constant contact, which has to aid stability. There does seem to be more room for the foot controls, and my feet when stood or seated seem to find a more natural resting position.


These pegs are a luxury item for most bikes, and wide platform pegs are surely a good upgrade, as most older trail type bikes tended to have narrow perches that can get uncomfortable after long periods of standing, however for not a lot more cash I suggest the pivot type are worth the investment, particularly as they are given the lifetime warranty by the manufacturer.  If you are more road biased, then there is an option to add a rubber top cover, at £15.00, I will probably give this a try very soon. 


Reviewed October 2016

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