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Heidenau K60 Scout Silica Winter tyre Review


Product – Heidenau K60 M+S Si02 Silica Tyres

Approximate Price - £150.00/set (varies Country)

Bike – BMW R100GS


Website -

Recommended supplier –


Performance                   ****

Value for Money              ****

Ease of Installation          ***


Having never tried winter tyres previously, except arguable Continental TKC80’s, (which gave me front end instability at over 75mph). These tyres are purchased as a personal test. Being a winter Tyre convert for cars, I was curious to see if there is a tangible difference.

Having to date tested the tyres to zero degrees, I have to say, there is a pleasing surefootedness on the road about them.

Dry roads – Good grip as expected

Wet roads – Very stable at low and high speeds and secure under breaking and at modest cornering angles.

Rocky Tracks – Average for a dual sport tyre (tested at road pressures).

Mud – Although the rear seemed to have reasonable traction, the front is very vague and unable to hold direction. Deflation is expectedly required to handle tricky mud sections.

Snow – The tyres have no problem carving a way through slush unnoticeably. On snow and Ice it is much more difficult to judge as these conditions are difficult for any tyre. See the link below to the Tauerntreffen Event, some parts of the video are taken while riding on tyres (no chains) and the tyres did perform well, however careful riding is advised, as no tyre without spikes will grip on ice.... 




I’d recommend these tyres if you have a purpose for them, such as a winter tour, or visiting an Alpine Rally, they have a high load rating on the rear, so will probably be ok on a large bike even 2 up with luggage. However the hassle of changing them, particularly if like me you do it yourself will probably put me off this being a regular thing. Another irritation is that they are tubed only, I’d prefer them to be tubeless, as a puncture repair will be a whole lot easier.


It is worth noting, if you do expect to travel in snow where snow chains will be a benefit, then these tyres will be ideal, as the chain will not disappear into the tread as with TKC80’s. The tread depth also looks a little shallow for adding studs, if heading to Icy regions, in that case maybe knobblies will be better. 

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